What We Do

Solving Problems and Funding Solutions

Kids United Foundation aims to identify the most pressing problems around the world and provide the most compelling and affective solutions. If we cannot directly impact change on a particular issue, we will stop at nothing to fund someone who can.


Turn it off will set out to educate people, especially younger kids and teens of the dangers of the internet.  Remember these are countless dangers around the web.  And what you say can and will hurt other people.   KUF is campaigning to have  national day to Turn it OFF in 2022! Together we will provide resources for families and children suffering from negative effects of the internet.  We will also endeavor to educate children and families of the dangers of the internet, including Human Trafficking, cyber-bullying and sexual exploitation of minors. 

Love Cuba - Ama a Cuba

In collaboration with the First Baptist Church of Westwood Lake and the Baptist Convention of Western Cuba, we are collecting food, toiletries and medical supplies to be sent to Cuba. We have secured a container departing Nov 15, 2021. We are excited that our team in Cuba will be safely receiving this shipment soon and we know the items will reach the right people without government interference. 

Feeding the Homeless of Miami

Kids United Foundation is dedicated to feeding the starving homeless population of Miami. They are currently about 1,400 unsheltered homeless people in Miami, and we will not stop until they all have a reliable way getting food. We firmly believe nobody should have to go hungry! We are also providing laundry services and grooming options of the homeless populations.  These people need ethical and humane options to bathe and launder their clothing.   KUF is fundraising to provide a mobile shower/and laundry service for this underserved population.